2006 - 2019 I.O.O.F. Pilgrimage for Youth

Independent Order of Odd Fellows

Pilgrimage for Youth

Delegate Information:

Each delegate will be limited to one (1) piece of luggage, in addition to one carry on.

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Jurisdiction   and Contact Information


Thank You for Your Support of the Program.

The Sovereign Grand Lodge I.O.O.F.
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Donation Form How can YOU be an important part of the Pilgrimage Program? Download this form to find out.
Isenor/Rose Scholarship Information on the Isenor-Rose Scholarship for IOOF Youth age 16-17. Download this form to find out.

General Tour Information

2019 Tour Schedule, Information, and Deadlines: 2019 Tour dates 1 week Tour - July 9, 2019 to July 15, 2019;   2 week Tour - July 9, 2019 to July 22, 2019.
All Application Forms and Information Listed Below.
Forms and Information

Delegate Application Forms, Chaperone to Delegate Forms, Tour Leader Forms, Staff Forms, Jurisdictional Information and Forms. All Forms have General Information and Instructions. If you need forther information or forms in a different format other than a PDF, contact the Executive Director at 1-336-528-3518 or email: pilgrimage@ioofpilgrimageforyouth.com.



Delegate Application Form 


Chaperone to Delegate Application Form


Official 2019 Delegate Application Form and Chaperone to Delegate Application Form (if needed) - completed with required documents must be mailed to the Pilgrimage Office by the Jurisdictional Chairperson after being completed by the Delegate and others as required by Deadline of April 1.


1. Open / Download and Print Delegate Application Form.


2. Open / Download and Print Chaperone to Delegate Application Form.



Jurisdictional Chairperson and Members Forms and Information

          Jurisdictional Chairpersons and Members Information

These informational forms are made available for Jurisdictions and Members to use to obtain information and select applicants. Some forms may be modified as needed (such as adding the local deadline or contact information or return address for the form).


1. Open / Download and Print (in PDF format) Jurisdictional Information.

2. Open / Download and Print 2019 Payment Form (in Word format) or (in PDF format).




Tour Leader   Form


Staff Form


Official 2019 Application Form for theTour Leader or Staff must be submitted to the Executive Director in the Program Office by the Jurisdictional Chairperson after being completed by the Applicant.

Jurisdictional Chairpersons: The completed Tour Leader or Staff Application must be in hands of the Executive Director by April 1.


1. Open / Download and Print Tour Leader Application Form.


2. Open / Download and Print Staff Application Form.


Attention Jurisdictional Chairpersons: Please be sure you have ALL FINAL delegate, chaperone to delegate, tour leader, or staff information and forms completd in order to have the application packet (including signatures, proof of insurance and copies of the passport, etc.) in the hands of Executive Director in the Program Office by April 1 of each year.